This Massage Is a mixture of Swedish & Oncology Techniques.
This Is a deeply relaxing massage technique and will work with the Nervous System and the Endocrine system.
The Use of Aromatherapy oils, for balancing hormones, Uplifting and balancing mood.
Acupressure to counteract Hormone Imbalances.

Benefits of Massage for Women in Menopause
Headache Relief
Tension Release
Reduced Aches and Pains
Improved Connection to the Body
Reduced Hot Flushes
Reduced Insomnia
Reduced Bloating
Reduced Anxiety
Improve Hormone Imbalance
Improve Mood
Improve Circulation Reduced Brain Fog

What Are The Different Stages of Menopause?
Is the time prior to full menopause when your body begins to change. Periods become irregular, you become less fertile and hormone production deceases.
Your body will start to show signs of changes but these can start very gradually and very slowly.
Over time these signs and symptoms can increase.

Is when your periods stop due to low hormone levels. It is defined once you haven't had a period for a year.
This phase can last between 2-10 years, with most women averaging 5 years.
This stage can happen anywhere between 44-55 years old.
Each women's experience is different and can change at different stages.

This is the time after menopause when all hormone levels have changed.
Even though at this time periods are no more, symptoms can still continue in some women.
At all these stages, signs and symptoms are individual to each women.