Treating Those Living With Cancer

The sad reality is, when someone affected by cancer walks through a clinic or salon door, they are turned away at the time when a treatment is most needed.  When studying for massage we are taught if someone has cancer or recovering from cancer in the last 5 years we cannot treat without a doctors certificate and insurers usually won’t insure a therapist until a client is 5 years clear of cancer.

I have recently come across so many people who have had cancer, going through cancer treatment or are being investigated for cancer and at a time when they most need to relax and have some time to feel normal and do normal things I was having to turn them away.

I am happy to announce I am now qualified in Advance Cancer Awareness and Oncology Massage.

The Jennifer Young Oncology Massage course meets and exceeds the requirements set out by The Standards Authority for Touch in Cancer Care, SATCC and is accredited by the FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapies)

I have learnt to understand cancer and how the cruel side effects of cancer treatments affects patients.

My practical training and supervised case studies were on real patients who were going through cancer treatment at the time and some who had recovered from cancer but still attending regular check ups.

Touch Massage Therapy and Rehabilitation exercises help promote better blood flow and Strengthen muscles, useful in combating the musculoskeletal conditions caused by cancer treatments

The treatment involves light touch only.  If you need more attention on one area more time will be spent on that area NOT more pressure.  Oncology massage involves light touch repetitive movements only

Benefits of massage for those going through treatment for Cancer:

  • Reduced anxiety, depressed mood and anger
  • Increased Vigor
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Improved quality of life
  • Reduced perception of pain, nausea and increased relaxation
  • Pain intensity, pulse rate and respiratory rate significantly reduced immediately after massage.
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Reduced heart rate and lower blood pressure

Purple logo is in memory of my wonderful dad who suffered with Pancreatic Cancer but whatever colour the ribbon, cancer sucks