Known as The Maitland Technique or the The Maitland Concept uses passive and accessory mobilisations of the spine and peripheral joints to treat mechanical pain and stiffness.

There are 5 grades of mobilisation in the Maitland Concept and I am qualified to perform the first 4:

Grade 1 - Small amplitude movements at the beginning of the available range of motion 

Grade 2 - Large amplitude movement at within the available range of motion

Grade 3 - Large amplitude movement that reaches the end of range of motion

Grade 4 - A small amplitude movement at the very end range of motion

Grade 5 - A high velocity thrust of small amplitude at the end of the available range and within its anatomical range. The type of mobilisation used depends on the severity, irritability and nature of the spinal or peripheral pain. The mobilisations create movement within the joints of the spine/limbs which reduces stiffness and makes movement easier. The increased ease of movement also reduces pain.

If a grade 5 mobilisation is needed I can refer you to a specialist practitioner.