Why Use Rock Blades?

These tools help to focus on treatment of not only soft tissue but the body's nervous system. They help Improve sensitivity, Influence mobility, improve function, increase awareness of an area and improve the mind to muscle connection. They help reduce Pain and reduce kinesiophobia (fear of movement).

This technique focuses on the Autonomic Nervous System. (Working automatically without a persons conscious effort)

Up Regulating the tissue works on The Sympathetic Nervous System. This improves Proprioception and motor control. Good for stimulating muscles.

Down Regulating works on the parasympathetic Nervous System helping to aid relaxation and reduce hypertonic muscles.

I can use these tools for different techniques. For someone in severe pain I use the tools in a specific way to cause habituation and give a light touch analgesic effect. Down regulating the tissue works with the Ruffini Nerve endings in the skin and helps give a relaxing effect. Working quickly with the tools with some increased depth can help stimulate the pacinian corpuscle sensory receptors. This stimulates muscles and prepares them for action.

Great when working with rehabilitation and movement re-education.